Mirrors. On Reflection and Protection

Group exhibition
at Künstlerhaus Dortmund
Opening reception: 8th of April, 2016
9th April – 8th of May, 2016

Artists: Sophie Erlund, Philipp Fürhofer, Anton Ginzburg, Heike Kabisch, Gereon Krebber, Timo Kube, Claudia Mann, Thomas Musehold, Dorothea Nold, Linda Sanchez, Katja Tönnissen..

If you don`t stop sinking, I too could be thinking

"leaping over a bush to surprise a quail"

Monday 1st February, 2016, at 6:00 pm

With artists Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Jérémie Gindre, Rodrigo Hernández, Heike Kabisch, Katharina Kiebacher, Zora Mann, Rallou Panagiotou, Vanessa Safavi, Tyra Tingleff.

The show will run until Monday 29th, 2016

More info here.

Skalitzerstrasse 68
10997 Berlin
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F +49 (0) 30 75442120



Press: Heike Kabisch on i-D, Artissima 2014


Ying Yang 2

Sattler & Pötzsch
Heike Kabisch, Klara Kayser
13. - 31. März 2015

Heike Kabisch visiting hidden places #1.

You’re my wife now

Infernoesque project space, Berlin (Group Show)
Opening Reception: September 6th, 2013
Until 07.09.2013



Printed Paper: Kasia Fudakowski, Heike Kabisch, Erik van der Weijde, That Which Doesn’t Kill Us Is Often Made Of Foam, Chert, 2011

Printed on the occasion of the group show “That which doesn’t kill us is often made of foam”, Chert, Berlin, 2011, with: Kasia Fudakowski, Heike Kabisch, Erik van der Weijde, Jonathan Binet, Siôn Parkinson.

Press: A Rare Breed of SculptureBerlin Art Parasites by Julie Anne


Watch this!



Art Project Space / Tbilisi, Georgia
Artist Talk curated by Anni Araqseli:
16.10. 2014

Address: Uznadze Street 4
Entrance 10; Code 135

God made me extremely creative (in all that I do) Opening reception: September 17th, 2014 Until 29.11.14

Gallery opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday from 12.00 to 6.00 pm

Skalitzerstr. 68
(entrance second courtyard)
10997 Berlin
T. +49 (0)30 75442118/9
F. +49 (0)30 75442120


To continue. Notes towards A Sculpture Cycle # 2

Nomas Foundation, Rome (Group Show)
Opening Reception: June 05, 2014
Until: 25/07/2014
Curated by Cecilia Canziani and Ilaria GianniAssistant curators Michela Tornielli and Stefano VittoriniMichael Dean, Anna Franceschini, Ryan Gander, Hannah James, Heike Kabisch, Luigi Ontani, Erin Shirreff, Wolfang TillmansTo continue. Notes towards a Sculpture Cycle continues Nomas Foundation’s ongoing investigation on visual art’s languages, following A Theatre Cycle, 2013; A Painting Cycle, 2012; A Film Cycle, 2011; A Performance Cycle, 2010.To continue. Notes towards a Sculpture Cycle is a research-based project inspired by a core group of works from the Nomas Foundation collection, which focuses on sculpture, organised in three chapters, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the medium.When Richard Serra compiled a list of verbs in 1967, indicating potential actions on unspecified materials, he ended it with the note “to continue”. While the past century increased the possible ways of acting on and with the medium, it is nevertheless true that, throughout its history, sculpture has maintained a degree of continuity with its origins, going back on a cyclical basis to its traditional reasoning and methods.Visions, the second chapter of To continue. Notes towards a Sculpture Cycle, offers a reading of sculpture through an investigation on the relationship between gaze and object, able to convey the narrative drive that sculpture has retained thorough centuries. The exhibition explores the way in which the act of looking at the sculptural subject is consequently reshaped into an object per se, as well as addressing the conditions of perception of a work.The research on and the representation of sculpture, the way in which it is filtered by the lens of a camera, the different perception of the subjects and of its details through direct experience and the construction of an imagery are all issues that Visions. To continue. Notes towards a Sculpture Cycle, brings up. The works on show highlight how photography and film have been able to transfigure in sculpture and how the latter can become image, underlining the way in which an art work takes form, is conveyed and how its perception is constantly evolving.To continue. Notes towards a Sculpture Cycle aims to build a dialogue between the present and the past, between Nomas Foundation and the narrative texture of the city. Vision’s public programme includes an itinerary with artist Anna Franceschini, a studio visit withArtist Luigi Ontani, a lecture with curators Simone Menegoi and Francesco Stocchi, and atalk between Davide Servadei, Luisa Gardini e Luigi Ontani, organised in collaboration with the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna *.

Catalogue of the Exhibition Series Die lustige Grube at Infernoesque art space, Berlin, June – October 2013

Catalogue: Heike Kabisch, works 2005-2010, Chert, 2010

Catalogue: Drinnen & Draussen, published by Chert & Motto Books, 2010

“Drinnen & Draussen”, a group exhibition with Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Lucy Coggle, Jérémie Gindre, Petrit Halilaj, Karin Hueber, Hannah James, Heike Kabisch, Valerie Krause, Roseline Rannoch, Heiko Räpple, Vanessa Safavi, Carla Scott Fullerton, John Spiteri, Philippe van Wolputte. 26 June – 26 August, 2010 Chert / MottoThe show invited 14 artists from various countries including Germany, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Mexico and Kosovo. The different works were situated both inside the gallery space and outside of it, using part of the courtyard where Chert and Motto are located. In this way, the attention was moving between the ideas of precariousness and delicacy, creating a different approach to the public in respect of the artwork, focusing on the differences between a traditional gallery context and an extemporaneous placement.With texts by Katharina Jörder, Dagmar Heppner, Olga Lewicka, Michele Robecchi, Anke Volkmer.
Design: Sam de Groot
Printed by Nina Reisinger
Published by Chert & Motto, July 2010.